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Check out the complete collection of design work from print to digital. Click below visit the gallery at my portfolio page.

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Graphic Design

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The Art of Making Art

A message from the designer.

In reality, graphic design is just like any other artform. It takes patience, practice, and a whole lot of effort to create something meaningful that you are truly proud of. Like all graphic designers I am never satisfied with the end result of my work, always looking for the next way to improve. Each piece that you will find here has its own story and backgroud on how it was created. For me, graphic design has been my true passion ever since I started working with programs like photoshop and illustrator. It gave me a whole new perspective on how the creative process worked and how rewarding it can be when you have the finished product in your hands. I hope you enjoy all the artwork here at Mike Laine Studios.

Thanks for reading.


Michael Laine
Founder, Creative Director

frosh issue

Western Gazette Frosh Issue Cover
Made in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign
August 2014

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Why I do what I do

To see more of my porfolio, please click on one of the thumbnails below. These will lead you to the main portfolio site to browse there. If you would like to find out more about my portfolio, or have questions regarding any of the pieces that you see here, please feel free to contact me at any time. My contact information is found at the bottom of the page.

Non-Profit Work

  • Leads Social Media Graphics
  • May-June 2014
  • Social Media Icons, Cover Photos, Banners, Ads and many other designs.

During the 2014 summer, I was asked by a friend to help out the non-profit organization, Leads Employment Services, develop a more cohesive brand when it comes to promotion on social media. I was happy to do it and quickly created many variations of cover photos, links, and images that would blend together nicely with their logo and their green and purple colour scheme. During this time I also worked with many other non-profits.

Fanshawe College

drunk and stupor
  • Drunk & Stupor Magazine
  • February - April 2014
  • Creation of a mini 8-page magazine with all original design and photography.

While studying at Fanshawe college, I worked on a project that involved creating an 8-page mini magazine that would showcase anything we wanted. I chose to create a drinking magazine, that would be serious at sometimes but also hold some comedic aspects. I used my co-worker 'Smoth' as the cover story for the issue as I had already done many graphics for him in the past. The magazine turned out great and got approval from Smoth himself.

The Western Gazette

gazette cover
  • Special Issue Covers
  • September 2013 - April 2014
  • Many special issue covers and spreads throughout the school year for the paper.

Serving as the Graphics Editor at the Western Gazette, one of my principle tasks was to create covers for special issues. I often have a creative free hand when it comes to these issues which makes for some very fun and experimental designs. One of my proudest issues of Vol. 107 is the one pictured here about the allure of analog. I used special camera filters and picked up film negatives and scanned them to create a realistic effect.

Newcom Media

espar heaters
  • Espar Heater Magazine Ads
  • May - August 2014
  • Creation of magazine advertisements in English and French.

While working at Newcom which also publishes the magazine Today's Trucking, I was asked to work on an ad for Espar Heaters. I was given most of the text and the general call to action that it would have to have behind it. However, the design itself was done from scratch using Espar's main colour scheme of white and blue. I am proud to say the ad was chosen as the second highest rated ad in a reader survey put out by Today's Trucking.

"Coach Kelly" Bennett

coach kelly
  • Car Care Booklet
  • May - August 2013
  • Social Media Icons, Cover Photos, Links Photos and many other icons.

While working at Newcom, I worked on a project for general auto car care for a Mr. Kelly Bennet. This project went from February to August 2013 and I created nearly 1200 graphics in this time. One of the parts that I am most proud of is the Car Care Maintenance Booklet, created for a fictional car care center known as Elite Car Care. This booklet is meant to be sold as a template to other automotive centers across the country.

Breakaway Network

  • Manhatten Men Logos & Jerseys
  • 2012
  • Created jerseys, logos, and branding for simulation baseball league.

Again found on The Breakaway Network, the Manhattan Men were a simulation franchise. I was asked to create a complete team identity (other than the name), which included the colour scheme, jerseys, logos, and wormarks to make a bid for the new league. I feel that the double blue colouring really complemented the main Statue of Liberty logo and created for a very sleek and modern logo design that could be easily modified if needed.


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