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Vol. 106 Feature Covers

Vol. 106 Feature Covers

Western Gazette Vol. 106

Type: Front Page Covers for Feature Stories

Year: September 2012 - April 2013

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While working for the Western Gazette, Canada's only daily student newspaper, I produced many front page covers. These ones are my very first that I produced with the newspaper. The first one entitled Horsepower was for an article done for the Western Engineering race team and their race car. It was black and white so I used what I could to make it look stylish while adding a Nintendo Power-like side bar reading "Horsepower". London Calling was about students leaving London right after university and I used a Waccom tablet on illustrator to create the skyline. I continued to use this tablet to create the next two front pages, the "Escaping the Reel World" where I drew a film reel (it was about a story of theatres switching to 3D and digital projectors), and "Backpack Brides" (A story about students getting married in school).

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Vol. 106 Feature Covers
Vol. 106 Feature Covers
Vol. 106 Feature Covers

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