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Tibor Shanto Booklet

Tibor Shanto Booklet

Newcom Business Media

Type: Promotional Booklet

Year: July - August 2014

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As the second summer at Newcom progressed, I began to get involved in a new project with renowned life coach, Tibor Shanto. I created many graphics for his site and videos which were showcased on Newcom Business Learning's site which I helped create. One of the main projects I worked on for him was the creation of a promotional booklet to sell his videos. I spent a long time on the booklet making sure it was perfect as I knew how important was not only to the company but also to me for a portfolio piece. The booklet turned out great. I only included a few pages from it here as it is rather long.

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Tibor Shanto Booklet
Tibor Shanto Booklet
Tibor Shanto Booklet
Tibor Shanto Booklet
Tibor Shanto Booklet

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