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Vol. 108 Special Issues

Vol. 108 Special Issues

Western Gazette Vol. 108

Type: Front Page Covers and Centre Spreads

Year: August 2014 - April 2015

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In my third year as graphics editor for the gazette, I got the chance to do some pretty cool issues. Though I designed less than I did in years prior (because of Video and Fanshawe) I managed to create a game-of-thrones-like front cover for the frosh issue, a Pokemon-inspired elections issue, and a football field made entirely of text for the homecoming issue. I am particularly proud of the Frosh Issue which I made in collaboration with a great artist, Jillian Lee. It is definitely one of my favourite designs and best covers.

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Vol. 108 Special Issues
Vol. 108 Special Issues
Vol. 108 Special Issues

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