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King Pin Audio Visualizer

King Pin Audio Visualizer

Fanshawe College

Type: Audio Visualizer Animation Created in Cinema 4D

Year: October 2014

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As part of our local band rebranding project for Fanshawe College, we had to create an audio visualizer to go along with one of the band's songs. King Pin was the chosen band who plays out of London and I used on of their tracks to create a visualizer in Cinema 4D. To do this I used the Sound Effector tool which helps moves shapes and objects to the beat of a track. I added extra effects to the objects as well as the effector itself to create the different colours and widths of the shapes. I was surprised at how well it turned out as well as how easily it synced up to the music. By clicking on the link above, you can view the video in a separate window to get the full experience.

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