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Video and Animation Info

Adventures in Videoland

A message from the videographer and animator.

Videography isn't just about pointing the camera and filiming and animation isn't about just beinga able to use some fancy 3D software. It's yet another artform and is so crucial to any good artist. Video and animation have been the newest editions to my portfolio but they are fast becoming a crucial part of the multimedia industry. Animations are used more and more as emphasis along with design and development. The three of these put together can create some really greate websites. As the videographer for the Western Gazette, I have learned a lot about how to make videos look good with a minimal amount of resources. At Fanshawe College I was able to learn the basics of animation with programs such as Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects which have allowed me to get a better grasp on 3D animation and its place in multimedia.

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Michael Laine
Founder, Creative Director


Rotating Car Project
Made with Cinema 4D and Javascript
November 2014

Premiere After Effects Cinema4D
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Why I do what I do

To see more of my porfolio, please click on one of the thumbnails below. These will lead you to the main portfolio site to browse there. If you would like to find out more about my portfolio, or have questions regarding any of the pieces that you see here, please feel free to contact me at any time. My contact information is found at the bottom of the page.

Double Jay Collective

Jenny Jay Poem
  • Poetic Phobia Video
  • January 2015
  • Created a stop animation video to enter into a poetry contest (CanLip).

I got to work with a great poetry outfit called the Double Jay Collective where myself and Jenny Jay (who wrote the poem) entered a youtube video contest for CanLip poetry. I decided to do the entire 3 minute video by hand and created the stop motion effect by taking thousands of individual pictures and putting them together. I even composed and performed the music on this video. One of my favourites.

Fanshawe College

rotating car
  • Rotating Car Player
  • October - November 2014
  • Created a rotating car in Cinema 4D and put it into a working JS player.

While taking 3D animation at Fanshawe, one of the projects was to create a render of a car and then have it rotate as well as skidding across the plane. This mostly involved working with textures, shadows, lighting, and of course animation. When finished, we put it into a media player in a browser using a skin created through html and javascript.It was really cool to see the final product.

Western Gazette Vol. 108

Justin Trudeau
  • Interview with Justin Trudeau
  • October 2014
  • Produced and edited an interview with Justin Trudeau by the Gazette.

One of the perks of being the video editor at the Gazette is that I have the opportunity to meet and film some of the coolest people in the country. I was lucky enough to be able to film an exlcusive interview with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau when he came to speak at Western. I used Premiere and After Effects to edit the video and used the Gazette’s Canon 5D to take the video.

King Pin (Band)

king pin
  • Media Player Visualizer
  • October 2014
  • Created a video player in cinema 4D to go along with the band King Pin’s song.

At Fanshawe College, one of our projects was to create a media player for a local band. I used my friend’s band King Pin as the test subject and made a visualized video to their song “Colder Skin”. I used Cinema 4D’s sound tag modifier to create the inital sound to video visualizer and then played around with it to create all kinds of cool effects. It was a great way to get some experience with visualizers as well as the many tools of Cinema 4D.

Western Gazette Vol. 107

Sex Issue Thumbnail
  • Sex Issue - Behind The Scenes
  • February 2014
  • Produced and edited a 3 minute promo video for the Gazette’s annual sex issue.

In my second year of working at the Western Gazette, I was promoted to videographer as well as graphics editor. My responsibility was to film important Gazette moments within the office as well as film promotional shoots for special issues. One of my favourite shoots was the 2014 Sex Issue where I was asked to film the behind the scenes of the photoshoot. The models were terrific and the video itself turned out great.


Spotify Video
  • Spotify Infographic Video
  • January 2015
  • Video showcasing infographics about Spotify's position in the music industry.

For a Fanshawe project, we had to create a one-page scroller as well as a two minute infographic video for Spotify as a type of advertisement that could be used to seek out future customers. I created the video using statistics from Spotify's website and animated the infographics using After Effects. The video and the site turned out really well with great cohesion between the two.


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