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It's A Web World After All

A message from the developer.

I often find that creating a website, no matter how big or how small, is just like restoring an old car. Every website can be improved, just like every car can be worked on, and this site no different. Like restoring old cars, you need to first take everything apart, and then carefully figure out how to put it all back together, mixing old parts with new parts sometimes and creating a whole new vehicle under the hood. This is what I have done with mlaine.com. I was able to do it from scratch using the knowledge and skills I have learned over the years when it comes to codeing. Those skills will always be put to use whether its messing around with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, or even a bit of wordpress.

Thanks for reading.


Michael Laine
Founder, Creative Director


M-Core Home Webpage
Made with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript
September 2014

Html5 Css3 Js5 Php MySQL
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Why I do what I do

To see more of my porfolio, please click on one of the thumbnails below. These will lead you to the main portfolio site to browse there. If you would like to find out more about my portfolio, or have questions regarding any of the pieces that you see here, please feel free to contact me at any time. My contact information is found at the bottom of the page.

M-Core Electrical Services

  • M-Core Website Creation
  • September - December 2014
  • Made from scratch website using boostrap grid, created designs in illustrator.

In the first week of our second year of Fanshawe, we were asked to create a website for an existing company, M-Core Electrical. In a group of five we achieved an outstanding website and design and were eventually picked the winners to create and develop the website to sell to the business. Three of us developed, debugged and eventually made the site live while working with the electrician. It was a great learning experience overall.

Fanshawe College

  • Grooves Records Website
  • October - November 2014
  • Mobile-up website created with Foundation using PHP and mySQL for the databases.

At Fanshawe, one of our projects was to redesign an existing website that sold products which we could create a database for. Using my skills in javascript and PHP, I was able to create a completely redesigned website for the record store building it mobile-up. I used the foundation grid system to create the site as well as creating much of the content to create an overall cohesive image for the store. It turned out great in the end.

Newcom Business Learning

Newcom Business Learning
  • Wordpress Site Maintenance & Creation
  • July - August 2014
  • Helped build site using php and wordpress for coaches Kelly Bennett and Tibor Shanto.

One of the new projects that occured during my second summer at Newcom was the creation of Newcom Business Learning which would house the sites of Kelly Bennett and Tibor Shanto, two premiere business coaches. My job was to maintain, optimize, and help create the site while learning to use wordpress and php. It was an extremely helpful project to be a part of and it allowed me to understand how sites like wordpress work.

Today's Trucking.com

trucking stats
  • Industry Stats Page
  • May - June 2014
  • Full responsive webpage. Created using HTML5, CSS3, and Javscript.

While working at Newcom for the second summer, I asked to create an infographic piece of a trucking stats booklet that the firm published in 2013. After many rough drafts (some of which are in my design portfolio), I ended up creating an interactive version of the printed booklet online at todaystrucking.com. I created the design work and then modified a javascript template I found for the gallery, creating a cohesive page.

Newcom Business Media

newcom home
  • Newcom Splash Page
  • June - July 2013
  • Full responsive webpage. Created using HTML5, CSS3, and 1140 grid.

While working at Newcom which also publishes the magazine Today's Trucking, I was asked to work on an ad for Espar Heaters. I was given most of the text and the general call to action that it would have to have behind it. However, the design itself was done from scratch using Espar's main colour scheme of white and blue. In the end two versions of the ad were created which initially caused some problems but it all worked out in the end.


  • Lorodent Probiotics Webpage Redesign
  • February - April 2013
  • Home, Probiotics, Contact, Products, Video, Clinical Trials.

While studying at Fanshawe College, our class was approached by the Russian company Lorodent Probiotics to design a fully-functioning website for their new North-American line of products. The project was long and tiring as I was using many elements that I was unfamiliar with to create the final website. In the end I was happy with my overall design and development of the product but was not picked to be used for the final website.


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